Authorised agent for Wide Span Sheds

Tarago Real Estate has been offering the full range of steel buildings from Wide Span Sheds, as an authorised agent, since 2010. Over this time we have worked with many clients in the local area to design sheds for a variety of applications and industries.

Steel Sheds for all Applications in Tarago 

Regardless of your needs and application, we can design a shed to suit your property in Tarago. Whether you are looking for vehicle protection via a double garage, work space in an enclosed shed or extra household storage, our residential steel sheds can be tailored to suit.

Our design capabilities are really flexible and can take our portal frame sheds up to large farm structures. Open front side-by-side bay farm sheds, fully open hay covers or combinations of open and lock-up bays are possible. We can create sheds with clear spans up to 30 metres and massive lengths (dependent on the design criteria of your site).

Wide Span Sheds also services the industrial and commercial market. These steel sheds can be tailored to suit sites with BCA classes 5 through 9.

Kit Homes for the Owner Builder

Steel framed kit homes can be a really affordable way to achieve the dream of your family home. For those open to being the owner builder, please call to discuss the kit homes on offer from Wide Span Sheds.

BlueScope Steel Sheds Manufactured in Western Australia

We chose to work with Wide Span Sheds as they are an Australian-owned business. With over 20 manufacturing plants across Australia, you can be confident you are getting a truly Australian product created from BlueScope Steel.

For more information on the variety of products and design options on offer For a quote please call us on 02 4849 4297.

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